ARCAL™ Chrome

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ARCAL™ offers a full range of high-quality, ready-to-use shielding gas solutions.

Compliant with ISO 14175 and AWS-A5.32 standards, our pure, stable gases and mixtures are strictly prepared and packaged for safe handling. Whichever product you choose, you will receive the high-quality shielding gas that can be mixed on-site or delivered in cylinders.

A supply mode adapted to your needs ARCAL™ products are available in cylinders. Whatever your consumption, we provide our gases and mixtures with the best supply mode ensuring quality, consistency and ease of use.

High productivity and overall cost management is obtained by:

  • High welding speeds
  • Excellent penetration profiles
  • Extra low spattering
  • Excellent pool appeal

High quality results are due to:

  • Controlled impurity level
  • Consistent and homogeneous mix
  • Extra low humidity and oxygen levels particularly in plasma or TIG processes

Four ready-to-weld argon mixture solutions cover virtually all welding application needs. Each mixture was designed to be reliable and simple, yet high performing.



ARCAL™ Chrome is the simplest, most efficient gas mixture for all stainless steel MAG welding situations.

This product matches with chromium – the key component of steels for corrosion resistance. From household appliances to chemical vessels and pipes, for both austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, ARCAL™ Chrome offers brilliant welding performance.

Reliability: Product quality

  • Ar-2% CO2 with controlled oxidation level.
  • Compliant with ISO 14175-M12-ArC-2.
  • Low level of H2O and N2 impurities.

Simplicity: One product for all stainless steels

  • All-purpose and all-position welding of stainless steels.
  • MAG brazing with CuSi and CuAl.
  • Manual, automatic and robotic welding.

Large range of applications

  • Vessels, food containers, exhaust systems, etc.

Performance: Weld quality

  • Clean weld with good wetting.
  • Corrosion resistance maintained with a carefully selected CO2 content.

Savings and productivity

  • Post-welding operations and filler material consumption reduced by low spatter emissions.


200 bar

Gas cylinder size

10.70 m³

Molecular Weight

Gaseous relative density
Heavier than air

Components (% Vol. abs)
Ar + CO2 2 % ±0,5 %

Impurities (ppm v/v)
H2O (5 bar) ≤ 40
O2 ≤ 50
N2 ≤ 200

Additional information
Product compliant with EN ISO 14175-M12-ArC-2 Standard (welding application)



All-purpose MAG welding of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steel


  • Recommandations: Ensure adequate ventilation. For full and more detailed information, please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  • Hazards identification: Contains gas under pressure; may explode under the effect of heat. Asphyxiant in high concentrations.
  • Flammability range: Non-flammable


  • Shipping type: Compressed gas cylinders
  • Proper shipping name: Compressed gas, N.O.S. (Argon, Carbon Dioxide)
  • UN Number: 1956
  • ADR Class: 2
  • Classification code: 1A
  • ADR pictogram


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