MY MIX 30 - 10L Cylinder

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This gas mixture's preferred usage is for Stouts and Ales.

When it comes to draught beer - lager, pilsener, ale or stout - My Gas supplies the beverage dispensing gas that lets the operator pour for profit. It cuts the cost of each dispensed drink, saves on storage space, reduces refrigeration overhead and simplifies stock control.

My Gas My Mix range is made up of a variety of high-quality beverage gases for all types of drinks that improves profits with every pour.

The My Mix 30 range is available in 10L & 50L cylinders from My Gas.

In an industry where your clients demand superior service, My Gas has built a reputation to match. As the reliable beverage gas dispensing supplier of the hospitality industry, we have a thirst for good service and the best quality draught and beer dispensing gases to boot.



Cylinder size

Gas weight

Litres of beer

50L beer kegs


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