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Our UV dyes were specially designed for the detection of leaks in systems. It’s a method in which a small amount of fluorescent dye is added into a system and allowed to circulate with the refrigerant. The mixture then escapes and accumulates at all leak sites. By scanning the system with a leak detection flashlight, all leaks will glow
brightly, making them easy to spot.

Quickly and easily identifies the source of leaks.
Conserves expensive refrigerants and fluids.
Ideal for preventative maintenance and diagnostics.

The Strong Points:
Compatible with all non-flammable refrigerants.
A quick, simple, and economical diagnosis.
Easy to inject and dose.



My Gas supplies UV dyes developed to find leaks in every system. Our UV dyes are available in different sizes and concentrations and are compatible with various refrigerant gases.

Our UV dyes are available in a range of 240 ml to 475 ml sized dispensing bottles. The recommended doses are 7,5 ml standard UV dye for each gas/Kg or 5 ml HD concentrated UV dye for each gas/Kg.


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